Live Stream: Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills


The 5-3 Chiefs kickoff today on the road in Buffalo. Here’s a statement of the obvious along with some steaming information.

DATE: Sunday, November 9

WHO: Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills

WHAT: Regular season game nine

WHERE: Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo, New York



RADIO: 101.1 KCFX The Fox or online at KC Chiefs Radio


On a scale of one to ‘must win’ (10) this is an eight.

Kansas City would certainly still be on course to make the playoffs with a loss to the Bills, but a loss today would make things far more difficult. Two quick reasons for why: 1. It would require the Chiefs to beat one of Seattle, Denver, or Arizona if they want to get to 10 wins and 2. A loss to would cost them a tie-breaker over the Bills should Buffalo and KC tie.

Presently the Chiefs are in a scenario where they could finish 10-6 without having to beat one of Seattle, Denver, or Arizona. This is an idea place to stay if only because it means the Chiefs are keeping the upper hand on their playoff chances. Could the Chiefs beat Seattle, Denver, or Arizona? Sure. But you don’t want to be put in a position where you have to beat one or more of them.

When it comes to the wild card it appears the Chiefs most dangerous opponents are Buffalo, Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Ravens, and Pittsburgh Steelers. Fortunately for the Chiefs, they play three of those four teams and therefore control their own destiny. KC already has a head-to-head win over Miami and could add another key tie-breaker win over Buffalo today and Pittsburgh later in the season. Going 3-0 against those teams may prove to be the difference between making the playoffs or coming an inch short.

No, this isn’t a must win. A loss today, however, might do serious damage to the Chiefs chances of playing in January.