Kansas City Chiefs vs New York Jets: Week 9 Halftime Notes


Despite dominating (most of) the first half, the Kansas City Chiefs found themselves clinging to a one-possession lead with two minutes and change on the clock.

Then, De’Anthony Thomas happened.

One 78-yard return and broken sound barrier later, Alex Smith and Co. were knocking on the door again. Soon after, Travis Kelce reeled in his fourth touchdown of the season.

Kansas City currently leads New York 21-10 at halftime.

First-half impressions:

  • Kelce and Dwayne Bowe are becoming a consistent 1-2 combo. The tandem combined for six receptions, 92 yards and a touchdown throughout the first half.
  • The longer the front office delays extending Justin Houston, the costlier it will prove. He currently has four more sacks than the Arizona Cardinals.
  • Alex Smith won’t supply a slew of jaw-dropping highlights, but there are few quarterbacks better suited to handle Andy Reid’s offense. He might not tote a cannon, but the only thing quicker than his reads is his release.
  • De’Anthony Thomas is slowly but surely easing his way into the offense. And when he becomes a staple, opposing coaches will be sweating like Ewing.

Notable Stats

Alex Smith: 11-15, 131 YDS, 2 TD

Jamaal Charles: 12 CAR, 50, TD

De’Anthony Thomas: 1 CAR, 26 YDS

Travis Kelce: 3 REC, 60 YDS, TD

Dwayne Bowe: 3 REC, 32 YDS

Anthony Fasano: 3 REC, 24 YDS

Justin Houston: 2 SACKS

Kick Returns
De’Anthony Thomas: 1 RET, 78 YDS