Keys for Chiefs vs. Jets

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Chiefs Offensive Line:

The offensive line looked really good last week against the Rams only allowing two sacks to Rams defensive-end Robert Quinn. They also seemed to give Alex Smith a bit more time in the pocket and that really seemed to make the offense run much more efficiently. When it comes to running the ball, the Chiefs ran for 142 yards off of thirty-three attempts for a 4.2 yard average.

At this point we know that Jamaal Charles and the rest of the running back crew is going to produce if you can get at least some decent blocking in place for them. This week is going to be a bit tougher on the offensive line since they are facing the fifth ranked Jets rushing defense who is only allowing 85.4 yards per game instead of the thirty-first ranked Rams defense who is allowing a whopping 144.3 yards per game.

At the end of the day if the Chiefs offensive-line can continue to give Alex Smith the time he needs in the pocket as well as block well for the running-backs then the Chiefs should have another successful week at Arrowhead.