Live Thread: St. Louis Rams at Kansas City Chiefs


And thus begin the three weeks that could change all of our lives – or at least our playoff chances.

Two games at home against the St. Louis Rams and New York Jets plus a road trip to Buffalo to play the Bills means this upcoming stretch is the longest one in which the Chiefs should be favored in each game. Win these next three and the playoffs suddenly look like a real possibility. Lose one or more and those chances dwindle significantly.

There is every reason the Chiefs should win today. Their at home, St. Louis is banged up, and, considering where they’ve been all season, Kansas City is relatively healthy. Now comes the part where the Chiefs actually have to execute.

St. Louis will have four active cornerbacks today and all of them are rookies. One would hope that if there is going to be a big day for the Chiefs passing attack it would be today.

St. Louis is also down to their third string quarterback, a young lad named Austin Davis. Mr. Davis has completed 65.9% of his passes for 1,520 yards and nine touchdowns (four interceptions). He’s dangerous if the Rams can get off to an early lead or get the ground game going. But the more pressure they put on him to make a play, the better off the Chiefs are going to be.

The key here would seem to be to get out to an early lead and not allow St. Louis to pull off any fake punts. Do those two things and week one of this three week stretch should end in success.

Also: DAT.