The K.C. Chiefs: Thin In Wide Outs

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AFC West Comparisons

Denver Broncos

In Denver, WR Demaryius Thomas alone, accounts for 28 percent of all of the Broncos offensive output (through week 7). Also, Broncos #2 WR Emmanuel Sanders has approximately the same number of receiving yards for the year as the Chiefs top three wide receivers (514 to 524 through week 7). Sanders now has 634 yards on the year as of the Broncos’ Thursday Night Football game against the Chargers.

San Diego Chargers

If you extend the Chiefs’ best receiver Dwayne Bowe by two games at 55 yards per game then he would project to have approximately 390 yards this year. The reason for doing that is to compare his numbers, in as fair as possible a way, to the Chargers’ three top receivers. Their #3 WR Eddie Royal has 373 yards receiving. Their #2 WR Keenan Allen has 427 and #1 WR Malcolm Floyd has 470 yards receiving.

Oakland Raiders

The Raiders’ top four wide receivers have a total of 897 receiving yards between them — 284 more yards than all the WRs on the Chiefs roster combined. Both James Jones (384) and Andre Holmes (303) have more receiving yards this year than Dwayne Bowe. All being delivered by a rookie starting quarterback.

Whether you think it’s fair or not to compare the Chiefs receivers to any of the other teams in the AFC West, the fact remains, the Chiefs are in direct competition with these teams and the Chiefs wide receivers are a huge reason that their division rivals stand between them and the AFC West crown.