Open Thread: Thursday Night Football


Thursday Night Football has some pretty big implications for the Kansas City Chiefs this week so we might as well break out an open thread to discuss it.

San Diego is coming off a loss to – hey, us! – on Sunday and at 5-2 sit a half-game behind the 5-1 Broncos for the AFC West lead. A win for the Chargers and they are back in first place and regain some of the momentum they lost on Sunday. A loss and they may find themselves in third place in the AFC West before they play their next game.

So what do we root for tonight?

A Denver loss means we are only one loss behind the Broncos and Chargers with home games remaining against each opponent. San Diego has a brutal five week stretch to end the season that was similar to the Chiefs opening schedule while the Broncos toughest games remaining include road trips to New England, San Diego, Cincinnati, and Kansas City.

Tough schedules for both plus the idea of only being one loss behind both teams for the division lead sounds very appealing.

Then again, the Chiefs have some tough games remaining, too. Aside from San Diego and Denver, games against the Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals, and Pittsburgh Steelers remain. Not necessarily tougher than what Denver and San Diego have remaining but not a walk through the park either.

The hope here has to be for a Chargers upset, no? Get within a game of each team with home games remaining sounds very appealing to the Chiefs playoff chances. On the other hand, being able to be tied with San Diego two weeks from now at the midway point of the season isn’t a bad consolation prize.

What will you be rooting for tonight?