Chiefs: Too Much, Too Little, But Not Too Late

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As the Chiefs nestle back into the friendly arms of their record-setting Arrowhead crowd, we should witness some of their best budding talents during the next two weeks. The Chiefs have the potential to be great but haven’t put back-to-back-to-back solid victories together so that anyone would recognize what they are doing as an “effective ongoing identity.” For an identity to be recognizable, it must be distinguishable and enduring. Right now, that identity is in question. Does it look like it’s coming together? Yes, a little bit but it’s an underdeveloped identity, like an emergent teen.

That’s why it’s difficult to say these Chiefs have had a “Hallmark” win yet this year. Is there the possibility the Chiefs could get that win this season? Absolutely.

Looking ahead, if the Chiefs take care of business against the visiting 2-4 Rams this week, then do the same against the visiting 1-6 Jets, then go on the road and beat 4-3 Bills in Buffalo and return home to beat the currently 3-3 Seahawks, then the win against the Seahawks would qualify as a “Hallmark Victory” in my book.

If the Chiefs lose one of the three games leading up to the Seahawks game they’ll be 5-4 going into that game and a victory would get them to 6-4. Essentially one game above .500. If the playoffs are in the Chiefs’ destiny, they’ll likely have to win 10 games. So, if the Chiefs follow this 2-1 scenario before the Seahawks game… then if they beat Seattle… they’ll still have to go 3-3 the rest of the way with games against Broncos, the Cardinals, the Steelers and the Chargers still remaining. Doable? Yes but calling a win against the Seahawks a “Hallmark Victory” would be meaningless if the Chiefs can’t follow through and make the playoffs.

The Chiefs are still a “high-middle-of-the-pack” team with playoff intentions. For now. Could they end becoming much much better? Oh yea. And I’ll be whooping and hollering with the best of them when that happens. They’re just not quite there yet.

In the meantime, let’s celebrate the wins, learn from the losses, and hope this team has the moxie to endure like the Royals. Because I believe this team could make  it to the Super Bowl. This year!

What say you, Addict fans? How high do you think the Chiefs can soar this season?