Kansas City Chiefs: Week 7 Wallpapers

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In the midst of the Royals breaking their 29-year-old hex, the Kansas City Chiefs’ bye week was less of a drag and more of an afterthought.

For Andy Reid and Co., this Sunday is the last stop on murderers’ row—a seven-week tour of torture comprised of four road dates and six opponents who tout a combined 62.9 win percentage.

The bad news is that the San Diego Chargers are (arguably) playing like the best team in professional football. The good news is that, in 2013, Chase Daniel was one league apology away from crushing Philip Rivers’ playoff hopes.

More or less, Kansas City’s coaching staff nearly pulled off a Little Giants-like miracle.

Regardless, last season’s biannual bouts produced two of the most pulse-pounding Sundays of the 2013 season. The following wallpapers review the stars of said storylines.