Debbie Downer says, “Chiefs Face Biggest Challenge to Date in 49ers.”


Raise your hand if you thought the Kansas City Chiefs would be 2-2 after week 4 after that disastrous game against the Tennessee Titans (my hand isn’t raised). Now, raise your hand AGAIN if you thought the Chiefs would annihilate the New England Patriots on national television while not only breaking, but DESTROYING the former world record of loudest crowd roar at a stadium, previously held by the fans of the Seattle Seahawks.

If your hand was raised both times, then I really admire your ability to handle the let downs. I really do because aside from the Titans game in week one, this Chiefs team has not let me down.

In the last two wins the Chiefs not only won, but rolled. They also only allowed 14 points to each team they faced in the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots. The Chiefs went into the game with their bitter rivals, the Denver Broncos, a 13.5 underdog and took Denver down to the very last play.

The Chiefs have achieved all that they have this year without Pro Bowl inside linebacker Derrick Johnson, without starting defensive end Mike DeVito, without starting inside linebacker Joe Mays, without starting right tackle Donald Stephenson, without rookie standout running back DeAnthony Thomas, and in some of these games, without the help of all-pro running back Jamaal Charles and Pro Bowl safety Eric Berry.

This week, the Chiefs face their toughest challenge to date in a San Francisco 49ers team that, some say, has taken a step back. I know better.

The Chiefs have faced three average to bad teams in four weeks. Let’s face it, the Patriots are clearly not who they used to be. The San Francisco 49ers however, are very good. This is a team that takes away Kansas City’s strength and that is running the football.

In four games the 49ers have allowed an average of 69.8 yards per game. The Chiefs are currently the NFL’s fourth best rushing team at 145.3. Conversely, the 49ers have the 7th best rushing offense while the Chiefs have the 18th best rushing defense. I am concerned with the 49ers running the ball all over the Chiefs.

The Chiefs need to be successful on the ground to win this game. That is why this game will be their toughest. The Niners stop the run.

I am not concerned about the 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s throwing ability. The Chiefs currently have a passing defense ranked eighth in the NFL. It is possible that Andy Reid could out-coach himself similar to how he did against the Titans in week one.

Most of us know in football, the run sets up the pass. The Chiefs will need to throw the ball successfully on the 49ers to win the game. A heavy dose of passes to tight end Travis Kelce will do the trick. Also, running back De’Anthony Thomas will play his first regular season game as a Chiefs. The Niners haven’t seen Thomas in action yet and could have trouble game planning him. They have given up over 200 yards of passing in their first four games. Alex Smith doesn’t air the ball out and without Donnie Avery there really isn’t a deep threat on this squad on Sunday. I don’t care if the Chiefs have to dink and dunk their way down the field. They need to find a way to put up a lot of points.

An advantage for the Chiefs in this game is the shaky play of the 49ers offensive line as of late. They have allowed 10 sacks in four games. Guard Alex Boone is coming off of a holdout. Anthony Davis, the Niners right tackle hasn’t practiced all week, and tight end Vernon Davis, has also been out of practice. A key matchup to watch in this game is 49ers tackle Jonathan Martin vs. Chiefs outside linebacker Justin Houston. Houston has been phenomenal as of late with five sacks in four weeks.

The Kansas City Chiefs have a chance to prove that they belong in the postseason for the second year in a row by putting up a good showing Sunday. I don’t believe in moral victories. I expect this team to go out and compete. They have the ability. I’m not sure if they’ll win, but they will compete.

49ers 24, Chiefs 20.

Oh, and the Royals are ONE GAME AWAY FROM THE ALCS.