Yet Another Reason Why There’s No Place Like Arrowhead [Vine]


Last night was a banner night for Kansas City Chiefs fans who were on hand to watch their team exterminate the New England Patriots, 41-14. Not only did Chiefs fans break the outdoor stadium sound record at Arrowhead Stadium, they proved they’re also the best fans in football.

Most of the country tuned in Monday night to watch Tom Brady and his feared New England Patriots squad tame Arrowhead. What they saw was an atmosphere that cannot be matched at any professional venue. Chiefs fans were so on top of their game that they were about as loud during timeouts as they were during the game. In fact they actually broke the sound record during one of the timeouts.

There was no place to hide or moment to rest if you were the Patriots. Arrowhead was in Brady and Bill Belichick’s head.

After the crowd was informed they had easily crushed the Seahawks former sound record of 137.6 with a ear-popping 142.2, Arrowhead didn’t go away. Instead they cheered through what was a route, a game in which New England never really stood a chance of winning. It was hard to cheer while holding back the laughter from what Tamba Hali and Justin Houston were doing to Brady.

Still, Arrowhead didn’t go away.

A merciful ending to the game was brought on by an expiring game clock. NFL time rules were the only thing that could force fans to begin their exit from the stadium and back to their tailgates. But you can be assured Chiefs fans were just as loud exiting as they were for every moment of the bashing of Brady.

Seattle can have their ’12th Man’ moniker that they had to

buy from Texas A&M

. They can raise their ’12th Man’ flag and sit under their partially covered stadium and pretend they were always a huge football town. Go for it, Seahawks fans. Enjoy your delusions.

We don’t need a name for our fans or roof, just give us the Chiefs and we’re good. That’s why Arrowhead is the loudest stadium in the NFL, because for Chiefs fans this isn’t gimmick, it’s a way of life. It’s been that way long before Seattle was a relevant football team and it will be that way long after Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson retire.

There’s simply no place like Arrowhead.