Kansas City Chiefs: Takeaways from Week 3’s Resuscitating Win

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Remember when everyone feared Y2K? Electrical grids were going to crash. Computers were going to turn on us. The conspiracy theorists were loons, but deep down, you felt a growing distrust for your toaster.

Kansas City Chiefs fans were one loss away from revisiting that dystopic feeling. At least, if you roam the serious-business world known as sports Twitter (and Facebook), that’s what you’d be led to believe.

As irrational as any outrage might’ve been, the fear that caused it was probably justifiable. Hoping your 0-3 team cracks the playoffs is adorable, but it’s a pipe dream. It’s brushing your teeth and hoping the Sunny D doesn’t taste like diet bleach this time.

As NJ.com’s Conor Orr notes, only five coaches have scrapped their way into the postseason after an 0-3 start—the last dating back to 1998 (Wade Phillips’ Buffalo Bills).

Next Monday, thanks to shrewd play-calling and an unwavering will, the Chiefs won’t be at the foot of that mountain.