Jeff Allen’s Wife Writes About Jeff Allen’s Bicep Surgery


Kansas City Chiefs guard Jeff Allen wife Marissa has our first update of Jeff on his recovery from a bicep tear on her blog.

Marissa gives a very unique perspective of NFL injuries and the real life issues that come with recovery while also letting us know how Jeff is doing. Here are some of the highlights from her post.

On the injury:

"This is the first time he has ever pulled himself off the field during a game so I knew something was wrong. When he started the second half, I breathed a sigh of relief. I then spent the remainder of the game worrying for my dear friends whose husband’s also got injured. Little did I know, I needed to be a little more worried about my own."


"Upon this revelation, so many decision had to be made. would he get surgery? If so, where, by whom, and when. After countless phone calls and many respected second and third opinions, we made the decision to fly to New York to get surgery by one of the best in the business."


"When he woke up they called me back and I just started crying. To see him laying on the bed, groggy, and all bandaged up was incredibly hard. The nurse came in to check on him and asked how he was doing and Jeff answered,” not that great, my seasons over.”"

Reading this post is heart-breaking in so many ways. It is easy to forget about the human element – families, health, well-being, ect. – while just being a fan of the Chiefs and constantly worrying about wins and losses. Marissa’s post is very raw and worth reading in full. Plus there are some pictures of Jeff in there you may find interesting.

As for the football part of this, Jeff has had his surgery (in New York) and is starting the healing process. He’ll miss the remainder of the season while trying to get healthy.