Wes Welker Out For Sunday’s Game Against Chiefs


Wes Welker is not on the Denver Broncos 53-man roster as of 2 p.m. this afternoon. The result of such fact is he will not be available to play on Sunday even though his suspension has been reduced to time served by the NFL.

Here is Twitter evidence of said assertions in the opening paragraph:

A lot has to go right if the Chiefs are going to win Sunday but this is one of those things that needed to happen. Kansas City is not deep enough in the the secondary to cover every Bronco target but they should have enough to run with Julius Thomas, Denaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders. Keeping it to those three guys means the Chiefs have less to worry about when it comes to offensive weapons.

As always the key to slowing down Denver is to find a way to get enough pressure on Manning with only a four or five man rush. If the Chiefs had a enough depth in the secondary to rotate guys out maybe they could take some more risks with their blitz packages. Unfortunately said depth doesn’t exist.

Still, this is why you pay Tamba Hali big money, spend first round picks on Dee Ford and Dontari Poe, and set aside millions to pay for Justin Houston. What is the point of having two elite pass rushers and one of the best nose guard’s in the game if you are not going to count on them to create the pressure you need to slow down Manning? This is a money game for those four players and they need to prove their worth for the Chiefs to have a chance.

Hopefully they do enough to shock us all and pull out the win.