Jamaal Charles: ‘My Job Is To Get The Team Good’


The Kansas City Chiefs have a savior and his name is Jamaal Charles.

Charles had one of the worst performances of his career Sunday afternoon mostly due to fate. In only 11 touches, Charles accumulated only 34 yards of offense. After touching the ball on the game’s first three plays and accumulating 23 yards, Charles was basically thrown out of the game plan. As Charles departed, so did the Chiefs chances of winning.

Nobody is more aware of the effect Charles has on this team than Jamaal. Here’s what he told Sean Keeler after the game on Sunday.

He followed that with this.

Charles is ready to put this team on his back, and the Chiefs are going to need him to do so if they want to get this season back on track. His ability to make others around him better is what makes him such a dynamic player. Whether it is his ability to create plays in the running game when there are no holes to run through, dodging tacklers in the screen game, or picking up blitzes to help Alex Smith get the ball down field, Charles can impact the game in so many ways that can help this offense succeed.

But he can’t do those things if he doesn’t get the opportunities to make defenses pay for being too aggressive. Gone were all of the flair patters to Charles, the screens, the sweeps. It was as if Kansas City had completely burned their playbook from a season ago and tried to reinvent the wheel.

If Kansas City is going to come out of this five game stretch alive and with a chance to make the playoffs then they need Jamaal to be the guy who leads the team. Especially now that Derrick Johnson is out with an achilles injury, nobody is going to command the locker room the way Charles can. Hopefully he gets the opportunity to do so.