Forbes: Kansas City Chiefs 33rd Most Valuable Team In World


Forbes released their list of the 50 most valuable sports franchises and the Kansas City Chiefs made the cut. Coming in at 33, the Chiefs are 20th most valuable NFL franchise with an estimated $1.009 billion worth. Only two NFL teams, the Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars, failed to make the top 50 list.

Here’s what Forbes had to say:

"The Chiefs brought in new coach (Andy Reid), GM (John Dorsey) and QB (Alex Smith) last year after an NFL-worst 2-14 record in 2012. The result was a 10-6 record and playoff berth."

Solid analysis, Forbes. Also, well done on getting the Chiefs record wrong.

It is good to be an NFL owner. The system is set up to make franchise owners very wealthy by taking advantage of the massive television contracts. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the Chiefs sold for more than the $1.009 billion evaluation because of the value of the television contracts and the estimated future growth of the league’s revenue.

Three European soccer teams make up the top three of the list with the New York Yankees being the first American franchise listed at number four. The Dallas Cowboys ranked fifth. European soccer team A.C. Milan ranked 50th on the list with an estimated value of $856 million.