Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid Ranks Comes In Coach Rankings


Turns out Andy Reid is pretty good at coaching football.

NFL.com’s Elliot Harrison released a power ranking where they sorted out all 32 of the NFL’s coaches, and Andy Reid found his way into the 10th spot amongst all of them. A nugget from the article:

"Reid hung his reputation on Alex Smith … and was rewarded handsomely for the “gamble.” Oh, and those five NFC Championship Game appearances in Philly look pretty nice on the résumé, too."

Five NFC Championship Games would seem to be a decent number.

Everyone ranked ahead of Reid on the list, which includes the Denver Broncos head coach John Fox (8th), has either been to multiple Super Bowls or won at least one Super Bowl. One could make the argument if Reid were to win a Super Bowl that he would leap into the top five of this list easily.

It is going to be interesting to see how we rank Reid once his time in Kansas City is done. One would assume Hank Stram, Dick Vermeil, Marty Shottenheimer, and Reid would make up the top four, with a special nod to Marv Levy. The guy most difficult to pass will be Stram, not only because of his Super Bowl win but because of his success in the AFL as well. The reality with Vermeil is he never won a playoff game in Kansas City, and Shottenheimer could never get over the hump and into the Super Bowl.

Does one Super Bowl appearance for Reid mean he would be Kansas City’s second best head coach ever?