Kansas City Chiefs: Mike Catapano Is Huge (And Still Quick)


Mike Catapano is huge.

The Kansas City Chiefs seventh round draft pick from a year ago has added nearly 30 pounds since this time last year and looks to have maintained his quickness in the process. Catapano has been working out with Chuck Smith, a former NFL lineman, over the offseason and Smith posted this video to Instagram of one of Catapano’s workouts.

Anybody else starting to get super excited about Catapano?

Part of the issue the last two general managers of the Chiefs had was being able to develop late round picks into solid contributors. Not only are those players financially beneficial to the team but they also add the kind of depth a team needs if they are going to advance far in the playoffs. The more of these guys the Chiefs can develop then the less money they will have to spend in free agency to fill holes, which should allow John Dorsey to keep more of the Chiefs quality players.

Kansas City could definitely use a breakout-type season from Catapano as a rotational pass rusher from the defensive line. A lack of depth to the pass rush showed up at the end of last season and it resulted in a lot of bad things for the defense. If Catapano can join a mix with Dontari Poe, Vance Walker, and Allen Bailey then the Chiefs would have four solid pass rushing options to put on the defensive line. And since Catapano has added all of this weight he may not be as much of a liability against the run.

Hopefully all of this work pays off for Catapano because the Chiefs could really use it.