10 Things To Watch While We Wait For Chiefs Training Camp

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6.) While you’re at it, watch the Top 100 spots on the four other Chiefs that made the 2014 list – MLB Derrick Johnson, OLB Justin Houston, OLB Tamba Hali and S Eric Berry.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

5.) Look at the 2013 preseason power rankings. And laugh. The NFL.com pundits had the Chiefs ranked 27th in the league in September. Keep them in mind when you read the lists that predict the team dropping off this year. Like, oh, say, ESPN putting the Chiefs at 15th in May.

4.) Look through the Chiefs 2014 Cheerleader calendar and other media they’ve put out. Because research.

3.) Watch through the Friday Night Lights series, and the movie too just for good measure. They may not be Chiefs-related, but they are definitely awesome-related. Note: it is 100% acceptable to fast forward through the girl drama.

2.) Check out Pro Football Focus’ ratings of the Chiefs’ roster. Salivate. This looks like a very good team. The only players PFF doesn’t like are WR Donnie Avery and, interestingly, K Ryan Succop.

1.) Highlight reels. Lots of highlight reels. There’s a bunch I love out there, but if I have to pick one as my go-to, feel-good six minutes of Youtube happy time, I go with this one. Also, the guys over at Red Tribe Cinema put out a great video chronically the breaking of the Guinness record at Arrowhead against the Raiders that you should probably keep in your favorites bar forever.

But don’t stop there Addicts. In the comments, add in any media or activity that have helped you get through these hard times. Remember, this is a support group!