Three Questions: Kansas City Chiefs Defensive Line

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November 24, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick (4) scrambles against Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Vance Walker (98) during the second quarter at Coliseum. The Titans defeated the Raiders 23-19. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Will the line generate more of a pass rush?

Once again, pass rush from the defensive line of the Chiefs is going to be pivotal to the success of the team. If there is anything we learned from the 2013 season it is that Bob Sutton’s defensive scheme lives and dies by the pass rush. Not having pressure on the quarterback exposes the backend of the defense, which could be a nightmare for the Chiefs given the strength of the schedule.

There is certainly some hope in the defensive line could come around and be more productive. Gone is the pass rushing black hole Tyson Jackson and in comes pass rushing specialist Vance Walker. Walker represents a shift in skills along the defensive line, a pass rush first defensive linemen who can play multiple positions along the line. Between Walker, Allen Bailey, and Catapano the Chiefs have three defensive ends they can rotate around to generate a pass rush. Last season the Chiefs basically only had Bailey.

The dark horse here could be Mike DeVito. DeVito has said he has put extra emphasis in improving his pass rushing abilities in hopes of being able to be more versatile for the defense. If he could make a contribution to the pass rush then things look much better for the Chiefs.