A Sleeping Giant Awakens


She yawns and stretches as I watch her awaken from a long, cold winter slumber.

Just where I left her on that cold , lonely December Sunday last year.

That sleeping giant, Arrowhead Stadium.

Frozen ice stalagtites have been replaced with crying little baby hawks, wondering when mom will bring more juicy spring worms.

Frosty winterized chairs have been replaced with a vibrant red sea of fire, soon to be filled with red and gold painted warriors screaming for revenge.

Winter grass is now so green that little boys on their dads shoulders gasp,  just like I did so many years ago from my own dads shoulders.

Just like I still do today.

Arrowhead Stadium is ready for another season.

That little number two that I peeled from my seat last December has been replaced with a bright shiny new one.

The cup holder that I kicked till it was loose but still hanging is now tight and ready for another seasons frosty cool ones.

Arrowhead stadium, my favorite place in the world is ready for me.

She will smile when she sees the astonishment and wonder on my face as I marvel at the crowds that showed up for the first, meaningless preseason game.

She will watch over me and take care of me as I fall asleep with a half eaten rack of BBQ ribs on my lap on that fold up rocking chair I drag to her parking lot year after year after year.

She will protectively guide me down to my two little seats on the second row from the field that I will smile and wave at the cheerleaders from, and scream and curse the opposing team from, and encourage and console my beloved Kansas City Chiefs players from.

And she will make sure I get to my car safely after the game, and will make sure I am safe to drive and wave to me from the last little gate on the parking lot as I speed home to Springfield, with optimism in my heart for the 2014 season.

But it isn’t just me she watches over.

She watches over the little girl who giggles as her daddy swings her high over h is head, high over the stadium from the little tiny corner on the southwest side in the upper deck.

Basking in pure joy as she looks out over the world she will one day explore.

And she smiles as she smells the wonderful smells of ribs slow cooking, and chicken legs grilling, and hamburgers and hot dogs sizzling on her parking lot.

Yes Arrowhead stadium is awake and ready for me, and for you, and for everyone who eats, drinks, works, plays, and sleeps with the Kansas City Chiefs on their minds.

And together we are going to have the best year ever.