Terry Bradshaw Rips Peyton Manning [Video]


If you’ve ever needed a reason to love Terry Bradshaw then this post is for you.

A video from PFT Commenter shows Bradshaw giving a speech to a group of people large enough to need an projector screen talking about quarterbacks. Bradshaw notes Peyton Manning is one of the best all-time but… well I’ll let him finish.


Manning has been to three Super Bowls in his career, winning only one of them. In 23 playoff games his 11-12, and has four one-and-done playoff appearances in his last six trips. Granted, the two times they were not eliminated after one game his team went to the Super Bowl – and lost. Manning sees his INT% increase from 2.6% in the regular season to 4.2% in the postseason, which seems to be his bugaboo since virtually every other number is either comparable or better than his regular season performances.

No matter if there is a good argument for Manning and the playoffs, it’s still fun to hear him get slammed by Bradshaw. Well played.