Kansas City Chiefs Set Training Camp Dates


Set your countdown clocks to July 24th, 2014 at 3:30 p.m. Chiefs fans.

This is the time and date for the first practice of the 2014 Kansas City Chiefs training camp at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph. Camp will be held there until August 14th when the Chiefs will close down shop and move back to the facilities at Arrowhead Stadium.

Most practices that are open to the public will be in the morning and will be free of charge. There will be a $5 charge to park your car, however. Kansas City will have two fan days – an “American Family” fun day and Open Practice – that will cost $5 to attend. There is also a special season ticket holder event that is scheduled for July 27.

A list of practice dates and times that are open to the public can be found here.

Football, while it feels so far away, is very, very close.