Can The Chiefs Win In The Playoffs With These Wide Receivers?

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The Kansas City Chiefs have no chance of making serious noise in the AFC and going deep into the playoffs with its current group of wide receivers.


That’s what the national media and pundit class seem to think.

In terms of features, it appears to be wide receiver week on Arrowhead Addict, so I decided to throw in my two cents. And, since I enjoyed the sort of blind taste test with QB stats I posted a couple of weeks ago, I decided to repeat the method as a way of breaking through some more knee-jerk perceptions and assumptions thrown around the league.

Below are the regular season stats for four NFL teams. One of them is the Chiefs.

Team #1

Pass yards per game (NFL rank): 208.8 (25th)

WR receptions: 173

WR receiving yards: 2,055

WR touchdowns: 13

Team #2

Pass yards per game (NFL rank): 255.4 (10th)

WR receptions: 243

WR receiving yards: 2,858

WR touchdowns: 16

Team #3

Pass yards per game (NFL rank): 186.2 (30th)

WR receptions: 120

WR receiving yards: 1,627

WR touchdowns: 8

Team #4

Pass yards per game (NFL rank): 202.2 (26th)

WR receptions: 157

WR receiving yards: 2,352

WR touchdowns: 17

Go ahead and rank them in your head.

Which one do you think is the Chiefs?

The Chiefs are Team #1 on this list. They certainly don’t have the best stats on this list, but nor do they have the worst.

And who could be these other teams?