John Dorsey on Drafting Aaron Murray: “It Was A No-Brainer” [Audio]


John Dorsey was on SiriusXM’s NFL show Late Hits with Alex Marvez to talk about Aaron Murray, Alex Smith, and Dee Ford. The interview is short but there are some interesting things in the four minutes Dorsey was on the show.

The interview begins with talk about Murray and the process behind drafting him. It is during this period of time we learn Dorsey thinks Murray is a great fit for what it is the Chiefs do on offense in addition to the emphasis Dorsey put on Murray being a winner in both high school and college. The bit about Dorsey talking to SEC defensive coordinators about Murray was interesting, too.

Listening to the Murray talk paired with the Alex Smith talk is really interesting. It would seem, based on the way Dorsey answered the question, the Chiefs don’t seem too think a new deal for Smith will be in place any time soon. There’s nothing to read into here, but it is good for context when trying to guess when a potential deal may happen.

Good stuff all around here, so give it a listen. Here is the audio.