Donald Stephenson and Jeff Allen Throw Out First Pitch At Kansas City Royals Game


In case you were wondering, yes, those were two Chiefs players sitting right in front of you at the Royals game last night.

Donald Stephenson and Jeff Allen were at the Royals game last night and threw out the first pitch. The two lineman grabbed their fruit snacks and sour patch kids and hiked up to the north side of the Truman Sports complex to participate in pre-game activities and watch the game.

Stephenson talked up a pretty big game before setting foot on the field. He felt pretty confident his sinker was going to find its way into the strike zone.

Apparently it did not go well.

Whenever there is video of Stephenson and Allen throwing out the first pitch – if ever – we’ll have it here. I’m sure there is at least one reader who was at the game and got some video, right?


The Royals also let Stephenson and Allen take over the team’s Twitter account before the game. Here are some of the highlights from what Stephenson and Allen had to say. We learned Stephenson is willing to help out at corner, and apparently that rookie wall is for real.

And there’s your “Stephenson and Allen’s Night on the Town” summary.