Dee Ford: I Want To Be A Chief Forever


Jan 3, 2014; Newport Beach, CA, USA; Auburn Tigers defensive end Dee Ford at a 2014 BCS National Championship press conference at Newport Beach Marriott. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Many Chiefs fans were not pleased when John Dorsey initially picked Dee Ford with the 23rd overall pick in the draft. Some of this had to do with Johnny Manziel being picked one selection before the Chiefs and some of it had to do with some fans not knowing who Ford even was.

But if Ford has his way, we’re going to know Ford for a very long time. Dorsey sat down with Mitch Holthus after the first round of the draft and recorded to discuss Ford. Around the 1:35 mark, this nugget was dropped.

"He texted me. You know what he texted me today? He goes, “Mr. Dorsey, I want to be a Chief forever.” That’s awesome! I mean that is awesome. These are the kind of guys you want."

A+ plus for awesomeness from Ford, F- for poor future contract negotiations.

It takes a lot of passion and drive to be successful longterm in the NFL and it would seem like Ford has that in spades. Staying healthy is going to be a key for him, and if he does then the Chiefs have a player who could be better than Tamba Hali on their hands.

You can watch the full interview on the Chiefs’ website here.