An Addict’s Guide To Chiefs Draft Week

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Kansas City Chiefs fans, the wait is FINALLY over, the week of the 2014 NFL Draft is finally upon us. In just a few short days you’ll finally be able to discuss actual players that have been added to the Chiefs roster instead of guessing, speculating, and mock drafting. Don’t get me wrong, I love draft season. I love mock drafts. I love reading scouting reports. I love searching youtube for clips of some 5th round offensive lineman prospect playing against Fresno State. I’m a draft addict almost as much as I’m an Arrowhead Addict. That having been said, even I’m a little burnt out on it all this year with the extra two weeks leading up to the draft. All I can say is that it’s a good thing that the countdown to the draft is now officially underway.

This week I was going to simply give you a final Chiefs mock draft, but with all the mocks and all the draft coverage out there that seemed a little anti-climactic. So instead I thought I’d give you a brief recap of my draft thoughts up to this point and then a short profile on some of the prospects that I think KC may target throughout the draft.

Note: If you’ve already read every single one of my draft pieces over the past month, feel free to skip ahead to the next page.

First off, if you’re a mock draft junky and still aren’t tired of seeing where people are predicting different prospects land, check out the consensus mock draft I did for a couple of weeks ago. It combines 20 different mock drafts to see who exactly is the most predicted prospect for each team.

2014 Fansided Consensus Mock Draft

Next, if you’re interested in who the Chiefs might draft at WR in the draft, I have two posts for you to review. The first covers the possible first round targets and the second covers possible prospects they could land if they wait until the third or fourth round.

Will The Chiefs Draft A WR In Round One?

Kansas City Chiefs Round Three WR Targets

Next, if you’re interested in what safeties the Chiefs might target in the draft there is this post:

Finding The Kansas City Chiefs A Safety

Next, for those that think wide receiver, safety, and offensive line are the only possible ways to go in the first round, this post explains why the Chiefs could (or likely will) go with a defensive lineman in the first round.

Why The Kansas City Chiefs Will Draft A Defensive Lineman In The First Round

Finally, last week I gave you a complete roster breakdown by position on where the Chiefs have the biggest draft needs.

Breaking Down The Kansas City Chiefs Draft Needs

Now that everyone is caught up, let’s move on to who I think Chiefs fans should be prepared to see Kansas City draft later this week. On the next page I’ll look at the players I think are the most likely targets in round one.