Alex Smith’s Commencement Address At Utah [Video]


The University of Utah has released the video of Alex Smith’s commencement address from Thursday night. I have a thing for commencement addresses, so I was very excited this was posted on YouTube. My two favorites are Steve Jobs and Stephen Colbert, and Smith’s contribution may end up ranking in my top 10.

The speech was very good on paper and even better on video. It is a very interesting and unique view of an NFL player that we really do not get to see very often. I’m not sure what it is about the commencement address setting that allows people to relax and open up about complicated issues.

One thing you’ll find in this speech is the background to Smith’s development in the NFL. The story of Smith’s struggles in San Francisco have been well documented but we’ve never really heard Smith talk about it in such a candid way. It is really fascinating and very well done.