Video: The Alex Smith “Deep Ball” Myth


YouTube user “Clutch Gene” uploaded this clip video of a bunch of deep passes by a guy who is not supposed to be able to throw deep passes.

One of the criticisms of Alex Smith has been his ability to throw the deep ball. What this video above shows is Smith has the ability to throw the ball downfield in spades. The real question is whether or not the willingness or play-calling has been there for him in Kansas City to show off his arm.

Keep in mind the Chiefs do not have a consistent deep ball threat. Donnie Avery has the speed to go down field but his ability to get open is not very good and his hands will fail him from time to time. Bowe is not known for his deep ball ability, either. A.J. Jenkins is seen more as a Dexter McCluster replacement rather than a deep ball threat. In fact, Jenkins inability to get open down field is why he was traded by San Francisco.

This draft plus another year of Andy Reid’s system being taught during practice may see more risks taken down field. Should those deep pass plays be called we know Smith has the arm ability to get the ball to the receiver.

Kudos to this guy for being the first one I saw tweet out the video: