Breaking Down The Kansas City Chiefs Draft Needs By Position

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Sep 19, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Sean Smith (27) celebrates making an interception with cornerback Brandon Flowers (24) during the second quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. The Chiefs defeated the Eagles 26-16. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Players Currently On The Roster:

Brandon Flowers (starter)
Sean Smith (starter)
Marcus Cooper (starter)
Chris Owens
Ron Parker
Kevin Rutland
Vernon Kearney
DeMarcus Van Dyke

Would the Chiefs be okay if they started the season with just the players they currently have?

Yes. Some may disagree here, but the Chiefs have two proven NFL starters in Flowers and Smith, two young players with upside in Cooper and Parker, and added a veteran with experience in Chris Owens. While some of those players could be upgraded they have enough players on the roster to compete right now. While some would argue that the coverage looked bad down the stretch last season, I would counter with the fact that these CBs looked fine until KC’s pass rush disappeared. Bring back the pass rush and these CBs will look good again.

Would the Chiefs prefer to get an upgraded starter at this position?

Possibly, but its not a top priority. While KC would probably be happy to add a DB with coverage skills good enough to knock a couple of guys down the depth chart, it isn’t one of the top needs at this point. However, if KC had a chance to land someone good enough to start outside over Cooper and put Flowers in the nickel back slot, they might do it.

Are the Chiefs in need of adding depth or a long term replacement player at this position?

Yes. Like Tamba Hali, Brandon Flowers age and salary will soon eclipse his production. While both Cooper and Parker have shown some flashes, it would be wise to keep looking for more talent so that if Flowers must be cut next offseason they have in house options to fill his spot.

Draft Need Rating: 5