Trade Eric Berry?! – A Fan’s Response


Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you who might now know recently it was suggested by the Kansas City’s Star’s Sam Mellinger that the Kansas City Chiefs should trade star safety Eric Berry. For a breakdown of the article written by our very own Ben Nielsen check it our right here.

Now the rational fan in me is thinking the following:

“WHAT are you insane he is one of the best players on the field. Sure the defense struggled towards the end of the last year and in the playoff game not be spoken of, but come on you don’t get rid a of a great player!”

Now that I have calmed down and re-read the main points he focused on it is time to write a response to this story told from a fans perspective.

Now I get it. I get the reasoning behind wanting to trade Berry he made some great points in the article, read the original, it made sense that trading Berry right now could in fact be one the better off season decisions the Chiefs have made to date. However from a different side of the coin it makes no sense at all. Here are my main points as to why this is a bad idea.

1. The Chiefs defense still needs help.

We all know the defense struggled last year towards the end. Injuries had a part of that, so of course when your not getting the great pass rush the secondary it forced to step up. There were some weaknesses exposed during that time. But still you don’t take something that was working and break it up by trading one of the better players on that defense.

2. This draft is deep with talent

I understand the trade value of Berry, but I also look at the draft. This draft is deep with defensive talent. So while they might find a trade partner the fact that the draft is so stocked full, might diminish the trade value of Eric Berry.

3. What are you nuts?!

The third point is simply, are you crazy? You don’t see the Broncos trading Peyton Manning. Now I am not comparing Berry to Manning, I know they are different players and each brings there own talents to the game. I was just stating that it would be crazy to trade Manning, and would be just as crazy to trade Berry.

In conclusion, from a fan’s perspective I don’t think trading Eric Berry would be a good idea. However I also understand the benefit of trading him value-wise.

Time to sound off, Addicts.

If you were to trade Eric Berry, who would you trade with and what would you want for the trade?