Kansas City Chiefs: One More Free Agent Signing


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For the 2014 Kansas City Chiefs the offseason seems to be coming to a close in that they are really no more moves the cap limited Chiefs can make.

While it is disturbing to see so many players that contributed to the success the Chiefs had in 2013 leave the team, a fan must have faith in the philosophy held by General Manager John Dorsey had in Green Bay, “Build through the draft and secure high quality players for a good price” will hold sound.

With that being said the cap limited Chiefs still have the room to add another key free agent, the question remains who, and for how much. Lets take a look at a couple of players that the Chiefs could try to get for a bargain price before the draft.

1. Jason Avant Wide Receiver

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Besides for the obvious Andy Reid reference, Avant has amassed close to 300 receptions since he entered the league back in 2006. Though last year was not his best an a Eagle, Avant became a cap causality as he was released from the Eagles. Avant would add a much needed veteran presence that has been lacking due to the off field issues of the Chiefs number one receiver Dwayne Bowe. Another aspect to look at is the market. Besides for the fact that former Eagle Desean Jackson recently signed a big deal with the Washington Redskins, Avant is not the game breaker that Jackson is. He should be able to sign for a smaller cap hit that Jackson would have. What he does offer is experience playing in Reid’s offense and the ability to give quarterback Alex Smith a reliable target for the 2014 season.

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2. Sidney Rice Wide Receiver

Although not directly linked to the Kansas City Chiefs, Sidney Rice would look rather good in a Chiefs uniform. His career has had some ups and downs and finally culminated with his release from the World Champions Seattle Seahawks. Rice may not have the size that the Chiefs are looking for but with his speed and a solid 14.8 yards per reception Rice could prove valuable for a team in desperate need of more talent on the outside.

Lets state the obvious, the Chiefs biggest need right now that could be addressed is wide receiver. While this list is short, it is because they are two of the most interesting prospects.

One, Avant, has to be the front runner on Andy’s mind if he is planning on bringing in another key player. Rice on the other is interesting because of the prospect of trying to help him turn around a diminishing career. Either of these two would be a great addition and with the receiver market being the way it is right now one of them could be a great signing for general manager John Dorsey, and could help the Chiefs regain the high level of play they had at the beginning of 2013.

So how about it Addicts, who would you rather see in Arrowhead next year, and is there another receiver out there you think would be a great fit, sound off below.