Chiefs vs. Giants: New York Defenders KC Must Prep For


Jim O: USA Today Sports

Addicts, this is a really big game for the Chiefs. This is also a really big game for me. I hail from New York so a win here means bragging rights for a long time. More importantly, a win for the Chiefs means another step towards making the playoffs this year. The Chiefs are headed in the right direction after three awesome wins versus the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles. The Chiefs now face their third NFC East team in as many weeks. The New York Giants are coming off a 38-0 blowout loss versus the Carolina Panthers. Eli Manning was sacked seven times and their offense line looked dreadful. On defense the Giants only managed one sack, but were able to pick off Cam Newton twice. Despite the Giants having Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks, I think the defense is the last thing any of us addicts are worried about. That being said, the Chiefs need to focus on scoring and here are three New York defenders the Chiefs need to prepare for.

1. Ryan Mundy, Safety:

I think you’ll be surprised, but this is probably one of the guys I really think the Chiefs need to prepare for based on his play in the first three games. He leads the team in both tackles and interceptions. Normally, I wouldn’t be worried about a safety, but because he leads the team in tackles I am concerned about his ability to make plays on short passes. Short passes happen to be the motif of the Chiefs’ offense.

2. Jason Pierre-Paul, Defensive End:

Not really much I can say other than that you always need to prep for him. He is just an athletic freak. I am hoping left tackle Branden Albert will be able to handle him. The Giants only have three team sacks and JPP has one of them.

3. Mathias Kiwanuka, Defensive End:

Kiwanuka has one of the other of the Giants three sacks. I think we need to prep for him based on how Eric Fisher has played over the last few games. I do not trust him to block a pass rusher of this skill. The Chiefs need to see this and send him some help whether it’s with a tight end or a running back like Cyrus Gray who is good on pass protection.