Chiefs Vs Eagles Weather Report


Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t think that you could ask for a better day for football in Philadelphia. It’s a cool 74 degrees in Philly as we speak but with kick off not arriving until 8:25 EST, it’s expected be around 55 degrees by coin flip time. Now, I’ve never played football but with all the pads and the endless hustling the Chiefs should be expecting tonight, I can’t imagine a better temperature to play in. Not so cold that you can’t feel your hands or see your breath and not so hot that you’re sweating out your uniform. With the sun setting at 7:02, the Chiefs first night game is in full effect. There will also be a full moon tonight giving both teams even more light to help illumiate the field. The wind is blowing at four to five miles per hour to the south by southwest, so don’t expect that to be a factor.

For those of you who believe that a full moon can have supernatural effects on humans, let’s just hope those effects can slow down this high powered offense and have the opposite effect on ours. I believe in order to get the win, the Chiefs will have to hold the Eagles to 24 points or less, so come on moon, let’s show Philadelphia what you can do!

Go Chiefs!