Strippers At Chiefs, Cowboys Game Draws Parental Complaints


Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs scored a dramatic victory over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday and while the victory was no doubt a thrilling experience for those an attendance, one family had to enjoy the action at home.

For fear of strippers.

According to an NBC report, a local strip club brought their truck complete with a billboard advertisement to the game. The strippers were wearing regular clothes and in the video seem to be just enjoying the tailgate like any other fan but some local patents were upset.

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As’s Stu White points out, it is king of ironic that these parents were worried about a strippers in normal clothes being inappropriate when the cheerleaders inside the stadium would be wearing significantly less.

"It’s interesting that “exposure” to strippers in street clothes would be problematic, but the guarantee of seeing barely-covered cheerleaders inside the stadium doesn’t seem to raise any eyebrows. (To be fair, no mention is made in the video regarding the Kansas City cheerleaders, so my comparison is an unfounded assumption. Still, it is food for thought.)"

Had the strippers been acting inappropriately I could understand the concern but all that happened here was that a local business decided to enjoy the game while also snagging a little free advertising.It certainly doesn’t seem to be a reason to stay away from the stadium. After all, the Arrowhead parking lot is a big place. If these folks wanted to avoid running into this group, I don’t think they’d have had to try very hard.