Kansas City Chiefs: Top Story Lines Heading Into Clash With Cowboys


Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

The Chiefs’ home opener versus the Dallas Cowboys is a huge test for the Chiefs after a 28-2 blowout against the Jacksonville Jaguars in week one. There are many interesting story lines in this game. Let’s review some shall we?

1. Jamaal Charles is cleared to play this sunday:

In the game against Jacksonville, Jamaal Charles sustained a quad injury that sidelined him for much of the second half of the game. This limited him to only 77 yards and one touchdown. Earlier this week in an interview with Adam Teicher, when Charles was asked if he’s at 100 percent he said, “I’m at ‘ready-to-play’ percent.”  Jamaal Charles will be in the Chiefs backfield on their first offensive drive.

2. This is the First Home Game for the Reid/Dorsey Era:

This game is huge. This is the first real test for Andy Reid and John Dorsey. Dallas, even though at home, is no where near as bad as Jacksonville despite the shoddy game against the New York Football Giants. Aside from the betting odds in Las Vegas most people, and by most I mean a sample size of about 3,600, don’t think the Chiefs will win (via Twitter @NFL on ESPN). See here:

3. Tony Romo’s Ribs:

As Romeo Crennell would say, “Tony’s got some ribs.” Tony Romo’s ribs are hurting him. He is probable for this game, but how well can a quarterback throw with his core hurting and a rib protector weighing him down?

4. Brian Waters and Brandon Carr Return to Kansas City:

They say hindsight is 20/20. A lot of people, including myself believe that the Chiefs should have signed Brandon Carr when we had the most cap room of any team in the NFL. I also believe that the Chiefs should have signed back Brian Waters, but he wasn’t getting along with Todd Haley and was released. This is Waters’s first snap in over a year and this is Brandon Carr’s first game in Kansas City as a Cowboy.

5. The Kansas City Chiefs have the Number 1 Rated Defense in the NFL:

Yes they played the Jaguars, but it is still very cool to see this on NFL.com

These are my top story lines from this game! Hope I did a decent job. Tell me what you think Addicts. It’s almost game time. 116 decibels!! GO CHIEFS!!