Chiefs vs. Cowboys: Offensive Stars Kansas City’s Defense Must Focus On


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The Dallas Cowboys head to town to face the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead this weekend, and a 2-0 record is on the line for both organizations.

The Chiefs started the season off in glorious fashion by destroying the Jacksonville Jaguars in Jacksonville, 28-2. The Cowboys didn’t have it as easy against the Giants, but Jason Garrett and his crew came away from Week 1 with a 36-31 win.

The Cowboys aren’t the legendary power of old, but Dallas will still present some issues for Kansas City, especially on the offensive side of the ball.

Here are three Cowboys Kansas City’s defense must focus on this Sunday.

Jason Witten, TE

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I do believe Jason Witten will be the Cowboys’ biggest offensive threat this weekend at Arrowhead. Considering the Chiefs’ aggressive nature on defense, that makes tight end play very important for Dallas. Witten can act as a hot-route valve of sorts for Romo, getting behind the blitzing linebackers. He’s big enough to hold his own in the middle of the field, and he’s also quick and athletic enough to matchup well with Kansas City’s safeties.

Witten caught eight passes for 70 yards and two touchdowns against the Giants for Dallas. He’ll be an option all over the field, but especially in the red zone. Kansas City is going to play aggressive defense, but that means somebody is going to have to key in on Witten, or else he’ll make the Chiefs pay.

Tony Romo, QB

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Sure, Tony Romo is known for his inconsistency as well as his inability to come through in the clutch, but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad quarterback. He may not be on the level of Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees or Tom Brady, but Romo is still one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL.

In last weekend’s win against the Giants, Romo threw for 263 yards and two touchdowns. He did throw a pick though, and therein lies the game plan for  the Chiefs.

If Kansas City wants to win this Sunday, the Chiefs will have to get pressure on the Cowboys’ quarterback. When Romo gets flustered, he tends to give the ball away. That’s good news for Kansas City, because Bob Sutton’s defense seems to be making it a point of emphasis to get after the quarterback in 2013.

DeMarco Murray, RB 

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When healthy, DeMarco Murray is an extremely talented running back. He’s fast, shifty and can be a home run threat. Much like the Chiefs’ Jamaal Charles, Murray can also come out of the backfield and make plays as a receiver. For instance, he caught eight passes for 39 yards last weekend against the Giants, so Kansas City is going to have to keep an eye on him out of the backfield as well.

If he gets some room to run, Murray can make the Chiefs pay in a big way. Bottling him up and closing in on running lanes will be key if Kansas City wants to shut down the Cowboys running attack.