Dexter McCluster Rumor: WR Unhappy, Chiefs “Looking At All Options”


Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It’s being reported that Chiefs’ wide receiver Dexter McCluster is unhappy about not being on the return team, and that could be causing some issues.

Before we get into this news any further, let me stress that this is a rumor and we are simply passing what has been said on to you.

Danny Parkins of 610 Sports reported this rumor on his Twitter feed:

Trading Dexter McCluster because he’s unhappy about not being on the return team? Doesn’t that seem like a bit of an overreaction?

As a coach, I can tell you that players are occasionally not happy with their roles, so if true, it’s not as if Andy Reid or his staff have never dealt with this before. McCluster projects to play a big role on offense, at least, for the Chiefs this season, so trading him wouldn’t make much sense.

Still, Parkins goes on to Tweet that McCluster’s illness (he’s been sick, thus hasn’t been practicing), could be illegitimate, and also says head coach Andy Reid is not happy:

Again this is just a rumor that has been tweeted by a radio host, so let’s try to keep this all into perspective. We’ll have to wait until the media talks to Reid, McCluster or both, as they’re sure to bring this up if the rumor continues to pick up steam.

If true, this will be the first real speed bump the Chiefs will have to deal with this preseason, but like I said earlier, it just seems like an overreaction.

Players and coaches bump heads time-to-time in regard to roles on the team, it’s only natural. If this rumor is true, it’s probably nothing more than that.

Still, this is definitely worth reporting.