Chiefs’ News And Updates: Andy Reid Talks Injuries and Roster Cuts


Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off of an overtime victory, the Kansas City Chiefs have a short week of practices followed by the final preseason game against the Packers.

The Packers and Chiefs have had their share of great moments during the preseason, but unfortunately injuries have impacted both teams. The Packers have injuries all across their offensive line, and more recently they have lost both running back DuJuan Harris and linebacker Brad Jones. The Chiefs have just recently lost Tony Moeaki to a shoulder fracture. This is what Chiefs’ coach Any Reid had to say about Moeaki:

"“Well, he has had a couple of injuries, but in a lot of cases with different players, sometimes you can change that around in your career. Hopefully this is his last one, and he’ll be able to keep going. It happened when he came out there. I’d have to go back and check exactly when it was. He got tackled and landed on it. He was actually tackled on that spot and landed on it.”"

The Chiefs also just made the first round of mandatory player cuts which saw fan favorite Ricky Stanzi and special teams staple Terrance Copper cut as well. Reid’s thoughts on the cuts:

"This is a tough time of the year, we obviously made some cuts yesterday. There were some good football players that we did let go, but it gives them an opportunity, in some cases, to hook on with other teams. We felt, between John (Dorsey) and I, that this was best for our team, obviously, or we wouldn’t have done it."

If Chiefs fans have learned anything this offseason, it’s that special teams will make a big impact on games this year. Reid  on special teams:

"“I think Dave (Toub) does a great job with it. We’re scheming it up, and I think the players believe in it and then they execute it. There’s some talent there that’s performing at a high level and the coaches are doing a nice job of putting them in positions to make plays.”"

With special teams really coming around and both the defense and offense clicking, this team is poised for a great season. Addicts everywhere should see their team not only improve, but also be a legitimate threat for AFC West favorite Denver Broncos.

Note: Quotes Via Chiefs Communications.