Jon Baldwin Traded For A.J. Jenkins: Chiefs Fans Reminisce On No. 89


Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The sun is shining brightly and it’s a beautiful day here in Kansas City. In other unrelated news, Jon Baldwin has been traded away.

That’s right folks, Kansas City was able to reach out to the San Francisco 49ers and trade Baldwin for wideout A.J. Jenkins, as reported by Reid Ferron of

Jenkins has a stat line of zeroes so far in the NFL, but he did have a pretty good college career at Illinois. Baldwin, on the other-hand, has been the bane of many Chiefs fan’s existence. And no, we’re not talking about the villain who squared off with Batman.

We reached out on Twitter and asked you addicts to give your memories of Jon Baldwin. Here’s how you’ll remember the Chiefs’ much maligned wide receiver:

This is a good way to start things off, via Trent Thurmon:

Baldin notched 41 receptions for 579 yards and just two touchdowns with Kansas City. Considering the hype he came in with, those are forgettable numbers.

This seems to be a trend:

Speaking of trends:

Ah, now this is a good analogy:

Believe it or not, not everybody is happy with the move:

Remember the fight with Thomas Jones?

Did Jones actually respond to that?! Awesome:

Here’s another one of these:

Poor Alex Smith can’t even catch a break today with some fans:

Another one of these tweets, just because:

And finally, the funniest tweet of the day goes to:

Not on Twitter? Your thoughts didn’t make it into the article? Sound of below, addicts.