Jamaal Charles Injury: Out For 49ers, Maybe Rest Of Preseason


John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs will attempt to defend their QB’s honor against the team that benched him this evening but they will do so without the services of their best player, RB Jamal Charles.

According to Pro Football Talk, Charles is officially out for tonight’s preseason game with what the Chiefs are calling a “mild foot sprain.”

And he could also be out for the rest of the preseason.

Not having Charles available will make things much tougher on the Chiefs’ offense. The 49ers boast one of the best, if not the best, defense in football. The Chiefs were red hot on their first offensive drive last week but Charles touched the ball 8 times on the first unit’s 14-play drive.

The Chiefs are likely just being cautious here with Charles. They have been clear that the injury the RB sustained is minor and that if they were in the regular season, that Charles would likely be practicing and playing.

But this isn’t the regular season.

There is no player on the Chiefs’ roster as talented and dynamic is Charles. Branden Albert may be playing under the franchise tag but Jamaal Charles IS the franchise.

I’ve said for years the Chiefs need to wrap Charles in bubble wrap and leave him in the locker room during the preseason. I can handle him getting hurt in a real game (maybe) but getting losing the team’s best player in a meaningless exhibition game would be hard to stomach.

The Chiefs are confirming just how important Charles is.