Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith Discusses First Drive, Offensive Tempo


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Alex Smith, new Kansas City Chiefs signal-caller, discussed the offense’s hot start in first preseason game of 2013.

Thought the Chiefs lost 17-13, the first team offense impressed by driving down the field on its first try, and coming away with seven. Smith, in particular, looked great completing 7-of-8 passes, as he and Jamaal Charles led Kansas City down the field for the year’s first touchdown.

Preseason or not, it was truly an impressive display, and it’s a drive that Chiefs fans will be dreaming about for the rest of the week.

In a recent interview with the press (found on KCChiefs.com), Smith had this to say about the first drive:

"It was a good start. It’s what you envision for a situation like this. Come out strong, put a long drive together. Kinda  a lot of components there, ya know. Moved the ball well, converted some third downs, got down there in a goal line situation and punched it in. Thought it was a good mix of run and pass."

"It was a great start for us, and I thought the guys that really led it for us were the guys up front. Blocked extremely well. Protection. Got us going in the run game."

To that point, Charles rushed five times for 13 yards, but was able to get behind the offensive line and punch in a Chiefs touchdown from the one.

Smith went on to say this:

"I thought the tempo was great on the offensive side of the ball. It’s just one step, it’s an early step. A little confirmation of where we’re going, and maybe what this thing will look like come the regular season and as we continue to move forward."

We didn’t see much from the first-string offense, but what we did see should be enough to cause quite a bit of buzz as preseason game No. 2 approaches.

-Andrew Kulha

Editor, Arrowhead Addict