Andy Reid’s Thoughts on Kansas City Chiefs’ First Offense, Eric Fisher’s Play


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Head coach Andy Reid spoke to the media after the Kansas City Chief’s 17-13 preseason loss to the New Orleans Saints.

He had thoughts on new quarterback Alex Smith, the first offense, special teams and No. 1 overall pick Eric Fisher. We here at Arrowhead Addict transcribed some of those thoughts from the press conference, which can be seen courtesy of

On Alex Smith, the first team and the game in general:

"Alex, I thought he did a nice job. I thought the first offense did a nice job. I thought the first defense did a nice job for the series they were in. After that, we had protection problems on the offensive side, we didn’t have much of a passing game going. Defensively, we had a couple series extended there because of penalties, which ya just can’t do. They end up being scores. But listen, the guys gave a good effort."

On special teams:

"I thought special teams, I thought they did well for the  most part. They made a couple of good returns. It’s something to work with and continue to build on."

On 1’s vs. 1’s:

"It was good to get our 1’s vs. their 1’s for 14 plays, and it was good that we executed. We didn’t have any penalties, we didn’t have any dropped balls, some of the things that happen. No fumbled snaps or mishaps with the snaps that you kinda see in the preseason. We stayed away from those and were able to continue to extend the drive on our third down. I thought all in all it was a good job."

On Eric Fisher:

"I didn’t focus right in on him. It’s tough to see the O-line unless something bad happens, but it looked like he did a pretty decent job, a respectable job."

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