Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson: Chiefs Have Something To Prove


Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Two of the Kansas City Chiefs’ best players are leading the way this season by telling the media that the 2013 team has something to prove.

After finishing 2-14 a year ago, they likely aren’t kidding.

The veterans arrived in St. Joseph today. While there won’t be a full team practice until tomorrow, the vets moved into their dorm rooms and had a chance to speak with the media.

“Yes, we have a lot to prove,” said Johnson. “Having that confidence, going through this training camp, working on things we need to work on. We have a whole new regime in here, so there’s a lot to prove, coaches and players. It’s going to be a big year for us.”

Hali echoed his fellow linebackers statement.

“We have a lot to prove,” said Hali. “We’ve been on the bottom of the totem pole and we have a bunch of good players here who want to prove themselves. We’re here to get that done.”

If the Chiefs are going to have success in 2013, it will likely come from the leadership of proven veterans like Hali and Johnson.

But don’t tell Johnson he’s “old.”

“I don’t feel like a senior citizen,” Johnson told reporters. “I feel young. I’m moving faster than I ever have before. I’ve been working out and working my butt off this off season. Just can’t wait to get back with all the young guys and get this thing going. We have a really good team on paper, we just have to get the chemistry down and put it all together.”

The Chiefs are universally recognized for their talent but the same could have been said about the team in 2012. Expectations will be high again this season but the players will have to prove their talents can translate to wins on the field, a fact not lost on Hali.

“We have to put it all together,” said Hali. “The coaching staff we have right now and the guys that are here, I feel as though we can get it done.”

How soon the Chiefs can get it done remains to be seen, but Hali claims the team has lofty goals for 2013.

“Well today is the first day,” said Hali. “Let’s take it a day at a time. Our goal is to be in the playoffs this year.”

After last season, playoffs sounds mighty good to this Chiefs fan.