Should Chiefs Offer Tony Moeaki To Patriots?


Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs have invested heavily in the TE position and as the team works its way through training camp,GM John Dorsey may want to consider dangling some trade bate in TE Tony Moeaki.

The thought comes from Bill Williamson of

"I am a big believer in Moeaki, who has been hampered by injuries. I’m not sure the new Kansas City regime is courting on Moeaki. Anthony Fasano was signed in the offseason and Travis Kelce was drafted in third round. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Chiefs could get something in return for Moeaki and they’d feel comfortable rolling forward with Fasano and Kelce."

Obviously, the New England Patriots are having some troubles at the TE position at the moment.

While I am all for the Chiefs being opportunistic with disposable assets, I am not sure Tony Moeaki is disposable just yet. He had a very good rookie season and though it took him some time, he improved near the end of last season after coming back from a serious knee injury. Remember that Eric Berry was horrible at the beginning of last season as well. Everyone heals differently and it seemed to take Eric and Tony, each of whom had only had one full NFL season, to get their confidence back. Veteran Jamaal Charles, as we know, was a different story. Still, even Charles said he didn’t feel 100% until later in the season.

I think Moeaki can and will be a good player for the Chiefs if he can stay on the field. I believe that the new regime is wisely being careful by not counting on Moeaki. That is why the signing of Fasano and drafting of Kelce was wise.

But trading Moeaki at his current value, would not be smart.

The Chiefs would be in terrific shape going into the season with Kelce, Fasano and Moeaki on the roster.

And I think that is what they will do.