Chiefs QB Coach Talks Alex Smith


Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

If the Kansas City Chiefs 2013 offseason was a television show, it would be called “Everybody Love Alex.”

We’ve heard nothing but praise for Chiefs QB Alex Smith this offseason and that praise continued today when published an interview with Chiefs QB coach, Matt Nagy.

Nagy, who joins a long an illustrious list of Chiefs QB coaches that includes the likes of Dick Curl, raved about Smith and his intelligence.

“Really pleased (with Alex), he’s super intelligent,” said Nagy. “He has a very high-football IQ. He understands the game. He understands protection, all facets of the game, he gets. If you have that, for all of us who have played most of our life, the physical side of the game comes pretty easily. It’s understanding the X’s and O’s and knowing where to be at the right time; when you combine those two ingredients together, good things normally happen and then you take the intangibles of the leadership and working hard and positive attitudes and he has all of those, so, now we just have to take it out to the field on Sundays and get the wins.”

They way the Chiefs’ coaches are talking about Smith makes me thing about Peyton Manning. Manning is often praised for his Football IQ and it was evident in 2012 that even when his arm wasn’t 100%, Peyton could still get the job done using his brain.

I’m not saying that Alex Smith is going to start shredding defenses like Manning, but the Broncos QB has been proving for years that a QBs understanding of the game may be equally as important as his physical gifts.

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What do you think, Addicts? Is Smith really turning the corner as QB? Will he continue his recent success in KC?