Chiefs’ Clark Hunt Excited By Team’s Progress


Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt made a lot of changes to his organization at the end of the 2012 season and so far, he’s seems happy with what the new regime’s progress.

“It’s so exciting this spring to see the guys’ progress,” said Hunt. “Just going back to the rookie minicamp which just seems like it was yesterday, but it was actually about a month ago, and watching the progress that we’ve made on the field. Even two weeks ago, I thought the practice was great, but then you move to today and the minicamp we’re in and you can see the guys are really picking it up. You can feel the excitement in the building, not only when the guys are on the practice field but when they’re in the meeting rooms as well.”

Often, when a new regime is brought in to a football team, there is a transition period where the new guys tear apart the roster so they can start over with their own personel. New GM John Dorsey has certainly made a lot of changes to the Chiefs but he has left the nucleus of the team in place and most of the additions have been veterans.

You won’t hear the term rebuilding at Arrowhead this season.

“I wouldn’t say rebuilding,” said Hunt. “We came into 2013 with a lot of talented football players on the team and John Dorsey has done a great job in adding some people who I think will help us both this year and down the road. And then, obviously, Andy and his coaching staff have done a tremendous job with them.”

Hunt seems to have a much better idea of what Chiefs fans want than he did when he took over the team for his late father, Lamar Hunt. Clark spend most of the second half of last season meeting privately with groups of fans to hear out their frustrations with the organization.

“I am trying to be around the team more,” said Hunt. “Definitely, that’s part of it, but a big part of it is just my excitement as a fan and wanting to see Andy and his staff coaching the team. It’s been so much fun to see Andy out on the field. One of the things that he mentioned to me during our interview back in January was how excited he was to get back to coaching. He’d really worked his way out of coaching and had become a manager with the Eagles. He wanted to get back on the field, working primarily with the offense, and it’s been fun to see him do that here.”