Chiefs’ Doug Pederson Talks Jamaal Charles, Offense


Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs are preparing for training camp next month by going through OTA practices this month and new offensive coordinator had a lot of interesting things to say abou the team’s new look offense.

For the Chiefs, offensive success in 2013 will likely depend on RB Jamaal Charles.

But Charles can’t do it on his own. Despite running for over 1500 yards last year, Charles was only able to help the pathetic Chiefs offense muster two wins. Pederson said he sees a lot of similarities between Charles and RB/WR Dexter McCluster.

“Jamaal is the same type of guy that Dexter is,” said Pederson. “Obviously, we know what he did last year – Pro Bowl running back, had over 1500 yards, excellent, excellent season. He’s a guy that we can put in multiple spots. He’s a sharp kid. He’s worked extremely hard this offseason. Really, I think the sky is the limit with him with what we’re trying to do. Just put him in different spots and using his ability to, again, create matchups defensively.”

The Chiefs will be using some form of head coach Andy Reid’s west coast system in 2013 and that often means that RBs have a large role in the running game. Pedrson hopes to use McCluster in both phases, so long as the player can get on the field.

“You can,” said Pederson when asked if he’d be able to get a lot out of McCluster.  “I don’t know right now, he has a little injury and he’s a little knicked up. We don’t need him right now, we need him in September. We continue to put plays in for him. He understands what those are. We still want to utilize his strengths, move him and create matchups with him. He’ll be a big piece to this puzzle.”

Pederson was then asked if he planned to use McCluster as a RB or a WR.

“Both. I think really you can put him in either spot because he’s familiar with both spots and, again, create matchups and hopefully get those mismatches during the game.”

Since being drafted by the Chiefs, McCluster has shown flashes of the speed and elusiveness that made him a second-round pick coming out of college. Whether or not McCluster can consistently demonstrate those skills at the NFL level is something the Chiefs have to find out because right now, the jury  is still out.