Branden Albert’s Cryptic Instagram: ‘I’m Coming Home’


Michael Hickey-USA TODAY Sports

The Branden Albert – Kansas City Chiefs offseason drama continued this weekend with a cryptic Instagram post from Albert.

"i_amlengend76It’s official. I’m comin home, I’m comin home tell the world I’m comin home. #ItWasFun #DestinedforGreatness #ChiefNation #kcchiefs"

This message caused quite a stir among Chiefs fans. Some thought it meant that Abert had signed a long-term deal with the team. Others thought it meant that Albert had been traded, mostly because of the “#ItsBeenFun” part.

According to Ian Rapoport, who has been doing a terrific job covering the Albert saga for NFL Network and, it means neither.

From Rapoport’s Twitter:

Chiefs head coach andy Reid was asked about Albert’s comments on 610 Sports Radio this morning by Bob Fescoe and Johsh Klingler. According to Reid, no deal is in place.

“There hasn’t been anything done yet,” Reid said. “We’re talking so we’ll see how everything works out down the road here. I’m glad he feels that way. He’s a good kid. I know the business side of this can make guys look like bad guys but there is a business side to it. We understand that and we work through it and try to make it work for both sides. Unfortunately they put a cap on things so you have to work through all of that stuff and how you situate your money. I’m glad he put that out there.”

Just because Reid is saying there is no deal in place right now doesn’t mean the two sides aren’t close. If Albert was told by his agent that a deal is just about done, that could have led Albert to send out the Instagram message. Teams don’t like to announce these things publicly until the ink on the contract is dry.

Based on what we’ve heard Albert is looking for money-wise, for a deal to be close, Albert’s camp probably would have had to make some adjustments to their expectations. A big deal for ALbert would create a salary cap space situation for the Chiefs and so some massaging would have had to have been done to reach a deal.

The other possibility here is that Albert finally got the clarification he has been looking for from the Chiefs. He has long said that he just wants to know what position he will be playing and for what team. The Chiefs, if they have decided Albert will be with them for at least 2013, may have confirmed to Albert that they have no plans to trade him this year and that he will play LT in 2013. That may have been enough to convince Albert to decide to send out the message.

The Chiefs and Albert can still work towards a long-term deal until July. After that, Albert will be forced to play the 2013 season under the franchise tag.

What do you think, Addicts? Are the Chiefs and Albert close to a deal or is this business is usual?

(h/t Arrowhead Pride)