Branden Albert Trade: Chiefs’ GM John Dorsey Says He’ll Call Dolphins Saturday Morning


Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs wrapped up the second and third rounds of the 2013 NFL Draft last night.The Chiefs did not have a second round pick but did have two third round picks thanks to a compensatory pick the club was awarded after losing CB Brandon Carr in free agency last offseason.

The Chiefs GM spoke briefly with the media after the third round. Naturally he was asked about the Branden Albert situation. He said he would continue to dabble in the trade market throughout the rest of the draft.

“Well right now, all along it’s been an ongoing process,” said Dorsey. “It will be an ongoing process until the end of the draft takes place. So we’ll see what happens tomorrow, right now it’s the same as it was yesterday. It will be continually going on and we’ll see what happens.”

It was thought the Chiefs would trade Albert to the Miami Dolphins for a second-round pick but the transaction never happened.

According to Dorsey, however, he plans to continue to talk with Miami GM Jeff Ireland.

“That I’d call him back tomorrow morning,” said Dorsey when asked how he left things with Ireland.

It is hard to see the Chiefs and Dolphins getting something done at this point. I can only see this happening if the Dolphins offer up a couple of high picks in 2014. That may be to Dorsey’s liking but it won’t make the Chiefs better this year, which would likely be disappointing to fans.